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After the user purchases Sirui products, he can enjoy the warranty service specified by the company for that product for free (gifts or accessories do not have warranty service). If there is a service requirement beyond this range, the user should purchase the corresponding technical service provided by the after-sales service center (hereinafter referred to as the service center), and sign the relevant technical service sales contract with the after-sales service center.

Strict assembly stage product quality control. For high-voltage electrical production, three-level or higher-level workers will be selected for the job, and a skill competition with a one-time qualification rate for the product will be held to ensure that the assembly quality is intact.

Strict factory inspection and testing. The quality inspection before leaving the factory shall be provided according to the principle diagram provided by the demander; the ex-factory testing and inspection shall be carried out according to the requirements of the relevant technology agreement, and the test record shall be complete.

It is recommended that the demand-side organization staff go to the company to supervise the equipment to coordinate the problems arising from the project.